Usage & Rates


Andor Revolution XD Confocal Spinning Disk microscope:

  • Training Session:
    • UW users: $25 per hour
    • Non-UW users: $50 per hour
    • All users receive 3 hours of free Imaris analysis software use (great for learning the software, processing data from your training, comparing analysis options to your current software).
  • Hourly use:
    • UW users: $25 per hour for microscope use (guided or independent)
    • UW users: $15 per hour for Imaris use (guided or independent)
    • Non-UW users: $50 per hour scope use and $30 per hour Imaris use (guided or independent)
  • Cancellation Policy
    • No charge if cancellation is made with more than 24 hrs notice.
    • If cancellation is made with less than 24 hrs notice, you will be charged for the reserved time.

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